Snom M900 Outdoor DECT Multicell Base Station


Waterproof, shockproof and temperature resistant

The Snom M900 is versatile, whether in office buildings, warehouses or hospitals. However, industrial environments often also require powerful multi-cell solutions to reliably supply large, free-standing areas with DECT connectivity. To meet this requirement, Snom offers its customers a robust, multi-tested housing that has been specially built for our state-of-the-art DECT base station.

Certified to IP55 – impervious to dust and splash/rainwater

The M900 Outdoor has an IP55 classification (International Protection Code) certifying that it is impervious to dust and especially splash or rainwater. The M900 outdoor protects the base station safely and reliably in all weather conditions. At the same time, the housing also offers enough space to accommodate additional devices, such as a heating unit (not included).

The M900 Outdoor is the perfect solution for using the M900 outdoors or in extreme environments. The base station and housing ensures reliable operation of the M900 in all weather conditions thanks to its robust construction and IP55 protection class.

  • Broad temperature range
  • UV, impact and water protected
  • IP55 rated housing
  • Consists of base station and housing
  • Fully compatible to Snom M900 base stations


  • Frequency bands:
    • 1180-1900 MHz (EU)
  • Output power: EU < 250 mW
  • Protocols: DECT
  • Seamless handober and roaming
    • Handover using DECT or LAN synchronisation (IEEE1588)
  • Wideband audio
  • Authentication / encryption of base and handset
  • Indoors: Up to 50 meters
  • Outdoors: Up to 300 meters
Multicell System: 
  • Up to 4.000 registered handsets in the same network in multicell setup* using LAN-synchronisation
  • Up to 1.000 registered base stations in a multicell setup* using LAN-synchronisation
  • Up to 100 repeaters in a multicell setup (2)
  • Up to 8 narrowband or 4 wideband calls per base station in multicell setup
  • Up to 10 narrowband or 5 wideband calls per base station in single-cell set-up
  • Common phonebook with up to 3000 entries
  • List of registered handsets
  • Compatible to M700 running the same software version
Audio Codecs: 
  • G.722 (5 channels; 4 in multicell operation)
  • G.711 A-law, μ-law
  • G.726 (10 channels; 8 in multicell operation)
  • Codec negotiation, codec switching
  • A900 enables
    • G.729 (10 channels, 8 multicell operations)
    • BW32 (10 channels, 8 multicell operations)
    • Opus (Channels)
User Interfaces: 
  • LED status indication, multicolour
  • Reset key
  • Web interface
  • Positioning:
    • Wall mounting
    • Ceiling mounting
  • Remote software updates via HTTP / HTTPS / TFTP
  • Automatic loading of settings via HTTP / HTTPS / TFTP
  • Completely configurable through Web interface
  • Static IP, DHCP support
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Secure provisioning and authentication with Mutual TLS through individual certificate issued by Snom CA
  • Compatible handset feature RSSI tool, no additional measurement equipment needed
Hardware Specifications: 
  • Weight: approx. 1.100g
  • Dimensions: approx. 144x140x35mm (base)
  • approx. 300x175x80mm (housing)
  • Antenna diversity (two internal omni-directional antennas for better transmission and reception)
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE802.3af Class2. If PoE is not available, the A5 PoE injector can be used (not included), Power adapter available (4)
  • Ethernet connector: RJ 45
  • LAN interface: 10/100 BASE-T IEEE 802.3
  • Colour: Orange (base), Light grey (housing)
  • Part Number: 00004478 (EU)
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • LLDP
  • IEEE 802.1Q
  • TLS 1.2
  • Up to 16.000 registered handsets and 4.000 base station with a future FW update

(1) Compatible handsets:

  • Snom M25, Snom PN 00003987 (EU)
    • 00003988 (US)
  • Snom M65, Snom PN 00003969
  • Snom M70, Snom PN 00004424
  • Snom M80, Snom PN 00004424
  • Snom M85, Snom PN 00004189
  • Snom M90, Snom PN 00004426

(2) Compatible DECT Repeater:

  • Snom M5, Snom PN 00003839

(3) IF PoE is not available, the Snom A5 PoE Injector (Phihong, model POE16R -1AFG, 56V) can be used to power and connect the M900.

  • Snom PN: 00004065


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Snom M900 Outdoor DECT Multicell Base Station

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